Disney’s Hidden Gems : Disney’s Silhouette Artists

Most of us are familiar with the most popular “headliner” rides at Disney’s theme parks; after all they are probably the main reason for visiting the parks.  In this series, however, I focus on some of the lesser known things to do inside the parks.  

There are many different types of talented artists in Disney Parks and watching an artist work is truly a great experience.  One group of artists in the Disney parks make their work come to life not with a brush or a pen, but a pair of scissors.  The Disney Silhouette Artists are some of Disney’s truly hidden gems.  Although they have the ability to complete a silhouette in under a minute, most take a few minutes start to finish.  Given the sentimental value and the talent of the artist, I am always amazed at how inexpensive this is.  Since we are always looking for a great keepsake or souvenir for our trips, this is a must for every Disney vacation.

From our sons first trips (left Charlie 2012; right Jack 2010)
Our sons’ first trips [left Charlie (2012); right Jack (2010)]

Disney World

Walt Disney World has multiple locations to capture these treasures: 2 carts in the Magic Kingdom – Main Street USA  (right side alley) & Liberty Square (behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe); a cart in France in Epcot; and Silhouette Portraits in Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Each session is done is done in just a few minutes, but the result will last a lifetime.  Since each session comes with at least two silhouettes, you can keep one and give the other as a gift (grandparents, maybe).

Nick Silhouette

Luke SilhouettePricing

Epcot/Magic Kingdom : Single silhouettes are $8 per person and you receive 2 silhouettes – mirror images of each other – and you can buy an optional black oval frame for $7.95/each.  Cash or Credit – no room charge

Downtown Disney – Single sitting portraits are $12; doubles are $20; triples are $24; or you can capture a family of four for $27. Each portrait comes with three copies and you can buy an optional black oval frame for $7.95/each.


Disneyland is home to the Silhouette Studio,  which is located on Main Street USA, where it has been since 1956. Two of the artists, Slyvia and Bonnie, have been working at the shop for over 30 years each.  Don’t be concerned if you think this shop is messy; the artists intentionally leave their paper clippings on the floor to add to the experience.  Since this place opened 6 months after the gates of Disneyland, they have produced millions of silhouettes.  So next time you are in a Disney Park, have a seat and have yours done.


Disneyland : Single silhouettes are $9 per person and you receive 2 silhouettes – mirror images of each other – and you can have it framed for an additional fee. Cash, credit and room keys with charging privileges are all accepted.


  1. I have a wall of these! They were my one splurge each time we went to Disney World. It is a beautiful wall showing my 2 daughters from infants to teenagers and they are cherished by me!

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