Disney World News and Rumors Round-Up

Here are some recent news items and rumors from around Disney World concerning new attractions or experiences coming to the parks.  We’ll keep you updated if any of these rumors come to fruition.

Magic Kingdom

News: Princess Fairytale Hall to open this fall.
Taking over the spot once occupied by Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Princess Fairytale Hall will be the official meet-and-greet area of the princesses in New Fantasyland.

News: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to open in 2014
A new major attraction is being built right in the middle of Fantasyland.  The Mine Train is a roller coaster/dark ride mash-up that promises innovative new ride vehicles that sway with the movement of the train.

Photo by Disney
Concept art for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Photo copyrighted by Disney.


Rumor: Imagination Pavilion Renovation
There is a rumor going around that the Imagination Pavilion, currently home to a less-than-stellar Journey into Imagination with Figment and Captain EO, will be closing for a year-long overhaul.  Rumors further suggest that the pavilion’s main resident, Figment, may be replaced by Phineas and Ferb.  However, at the D23 Expo, Bob Iger seemed to hint that Figment isn’t going away anytime soon.

Hollywood Studios

Rumor: Star Wars Land
This is the strongest rumor currently make its way around Disney fansites.  The rumor suggests that Hollywood Studios, the park most in need of an overhaul, would become home to a new land themed after Disney’s newest acquistion, Star Wars.  This land may be located in one of a couple of spots located near the current Star Tours attraction and it may include rides, shows or dining. Imagineering teased future Star Wars projects in its pavilion at the D23 Expo.

Rumor: Cars Land
This was once the strongest rumor concerning Hollywood Studios, but it has begun to fade a bit.  This one suggests that it is finally time for the Backlot Tour and Lights, Motors, Action to leave the park and make way for a major import from the West Coast: Cars Land.  This rumor caught a little more steam when some Disney officials who oversaw the creation of Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure were relocated to the Orlando park.  Again, this rumor isn’t as strong as it once was.

Animal Kingdom

News: Festival of the Lion King moving to a new theater in 2014
A new theater is being built for the fan-favorite Festival of the Lion King. The theater will be located in the Africa section of the park, a fitting spot for the show.  Once the move is complete, Camp Minnie-Mickey, the land that currently houses the show, will have no active attractions. This will evidently lead way to…

News/Rumor: AVATAR land
It was announced several years ago that Disney was working with James Cameron to develop attractions based on his hit film Avatar.  There hasn’t been much of anything revealed since then.  At the D23 Expo, Imagineers had a section of their pavilion devoted to their findings from a group research trip to the planet of Pandora.  With Camp Minnie-Mickey essentially closing, the stage is set for construction to begin soon; however, there is no timetable for this new land.

Downtown Disney

News: Disney Springs
Downtown Disney is receiving a complete overhaul and is being re-themed as Disney Springs. Many stores and restaurants will remain, but new areas are being built and new parking garages are being constructed to make way for more new retail space.  The story of the new area concerns a town (Disney Springs) popping up and developing in an area where natural springs were once found.  Water should feature prominently in the new design.  While Disney Springs will open in phases, it is not expected to be complete until 2016.

Disney Springs concept art. These areas are called Town Center and the Landing. Photo copyrighted by Disney.
Disney Springs concept art. These areas are called Town Center and the Landing. Photo copyrighted by Disney.


News: Villas at the Grand Floridian opening in October
Disney’s newest Disney Vacation Club offering is opening in October of this year.  Based on future occupancy, it is already a very popular choice.

Rumor: Polynesian to get a DVC addition
The Polynesian is the next resort to have DVC villas added onto it, according to rumors.  These additions may include bungalows that sit on the water.  If true, this project will take several years to complete.

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