The Stroller: Your Disney Parks Base of Operations

If you have ever been to Disney Parks you know that you tend to walk a lot of miles.  While your little ones are full of energy and enthusiasm, the amount of walking is often too much for even children who normally walk at home; therefore, a stroller is necessary.   Some families dread the idea of bringing a stroller or renting one at the parks, but I am here to tell you that it has become a key tool in our touring and our “home base of operations” as we tour Disney Parks.  The benefits of the stroller go far beyond taking your kids along for the ride, and here are some of them.

1) On our Disney vacations the stroller has become the “home base of operations”, which means it’s not only for the kids, but it is a place to hang our backpack and hold our drinks and snacks.


2) Keeping your children buckled into the stroller keeps them from wandering away from you as you make your way through the crowded parks.

3) Not only does this stroller provide a place to hold our bags while we wait for the afternoon parade, it also provides a place for our 2 year old to nap and a place for our 3 year old to fall asleep at the end of the night.


4) It provides a seat for your children for outdoor events like parades and shows rather than having them sit on the ground.


5) You can decorate your stroller to make it stand out – Last trip I used some wire and some portable battery powered EL lighting to provide some fun decorations for night time touring.


We like to bring our own stroller which easily folds up so we can take with us to gate check at the airplane and easily on all Disney Transportation.  If you do need to rent a stroller however you can do so in the parks (pretty expensive), from outside companies, or even find a stroller exchange online.

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