House Meets the Mouse

May 1993.  Your family is gathered around the television in the living room. You are watching what may go on to become one of the greatest hours of TV ever broadcast.

The series finale of Cheers? No. The episode about George and Jerry’s pilot on Seinfeld? Nope. Letterman’s last Late Night or the series finale of Saved by the Bell? No and no.

Over the course of two nights – May 11th and May 18th, 1993 – ABC’s Full House presented its two-part sixth season finale. The episodes’ titles are House Meets the Mouse Parts 1 and 2, and they are pure TGIF perfection.

In the episodes, the members of the Tanner family, for various reasons, decide to visit Walt Disney World.  There are mishaps, stumbles and lessons to be learned by all.  It’s everything you remember about Full House, wrapped in a warm, delicious Disney World crust.

There are three main storylines. First, Jesse and the Rippers are going to play a concert in the Magic Kingdom, so Joey invites himself so he and Jesse can broadcast their radio show live from the parks.  Soon, the rest of the family decide to join in the fun. While there, Danny plans on popping the question to his girlfriend, but it doesn’t go too smoothly for him. The final storyline involves Michele becoming a little full of herself when she wins an Aladdin-themed contest to become a princess for the day.


The episodes take place all over property, but the emphasis is on Magic Kingdom and Epcot. There are also a couple of memorable scenes that take place at the Grand Floridian. Aladdin – that year’s big theatrical release – is featured prominently in an early scene.

The episode is fun because the scenes don’t just take place in the most obvious locations. Sure, there is a big scene on Main Street and Town Square, but there are also scenes in the Living Seas, the Germany pavilion and the lobby of the Grand Floridian.

We recorded this on our DVR about a year ago, and the episodes haven’t been deleted; I’m not sure they ever will be. The kids watch them about once a week.

Here is the great news: The House Meets the Mouse Parts 1 and 2 are scheduled for tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 25. Part One is scheduled for 10:00 PM and Part Two is scheduled for 10:30 PM.

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  1. Ah! Full House was my absolute favorite show growing up! I remember looking forward to Friday night’s TGIF 8-10 hour. I once overheard a classmate making fun of the show and how cheesy the ends always are and I was shocked. Didn’t everyone share my love for Full House? I related to Stephanie because we were similar in age and both middle children. And of course, I loved the Disney episodes. Thanks for the heads up, I programmed the DVR right after I read your blog.

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