Another option for larger families: Fort Wilderness Campground

After reading the DWDads blog  entry this Tuesday Disney World: The Family of Five Dilemma one of our first fans and avid followers reminded us that there was another resort on Disney property that could accommodate larger families.   Although we mentioned the cabins at Fort Wilderness and quoted a price of $4,850, we did not mention that you could also stay at the campgrounds at Fort Wilderness, where each site can accommodate up to 10 people.

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company
Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

There are 4 different campsite options at Disney’s Fort Wilderness:

FW Chart

We ran the quotes above just as we had in Tuesday’s example: a family of 6 with 2 Adults, 3 children (10,7,6) and an infant (under 3) for 7 nights June 21-June 27 with 7 day park hopper tickets. As you can see if you would like to pitch a tent for the week (tent rental is $30/day) or you are lucky enough to own a camper or RV and you are driving to Orlando, the cost you see above would be very affordable.

Photo courtesy of The Disney Company
Photo courtesy of The Disney Company
Photo courtesy of The Disney Company
Photo courtesy of The Disney Company

If you don’t own a camper/RV/trailer or motor home, there are companies like Moores Camping Rentals that can offer you a Fort Wilderness camper package (sleeps 10) for the 7 nights including full service drop-off, set-up and removal for an additional cost of about $1,200 + deposit.   This would make the all in cost for your 7 night vacation package including tickets just under $4,000 (depending on which site you picked).  Not only is the campground in a great location (just short boatride to the Magic Kingdom) but you will find great amenities and plenty of activities which we will detail in future articles. So next time you are looking to book a trip to Disney World contact us and we get you a quote for the best option for you and your party.

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